Saturday, 18 July 2009

Alpujarra holiday

A refreshing breeze blows through the olive groves at Alan and Tina's house at the western end of the Alpujarra valley near Orgive in Spain. I have just witnessed the weekly event of water cascading down the acequias which are irrigation channels built by the Romans. The temperature is 36 degees Centigrade and the Cicadas are singing their heads off. The water splits into smaller channels and ends up as pools of water in the vegetable garden or washing around the roots of mature trees.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Retro Blog 1960

The children are on a walk in Surrey heathland probably Tunnel Hill, Angus Ekserdjian is on the left, he became an eminent barrister, next is Richard Ramage he is a senior librarian, Julian Stammers is a musician and artist, David Ekserdjian on the right is Professor of Art History at Leicester University.

A family walk while on holiday in Cornwall, from the left my sister Susie who worked in the pop music industry during the sixties and had a long association with the Rolling Stones, Julian, mum, dad, Mabs Ekserdjian and David Ekserdjian.

The watersplash or ford in Chobham on the river Bourne was a favourite spot for picnics, my father had the bright idea of driving along the river, which we had done before but this time he underestimated the depth and got stuck, hence the disgruntled looks!