Monday, 9 March 2009

Recently bought the original edition of Directory of British Fossiliferous Localities on ebay, it mentions an interesting fossil collecting site at HaroldstonWest on the south Pembrokeshire coast. After an hours drive to Broadhaven, my friend Marek and myself head off North along the beach looking at the rocks. The sea was very rough with impressive white horses in dazzling spring sunshine. We were looking for features mentioned in the guide such as Sleek Rock,Black Nose and Settling Nose.
The first feature before Sleek rock was a sea stack made of Carboniferous shales, this had a number of Choughs flying over it battling with the high wind.
After enjoying the views headed on to Settling Rock which is noted for a marine band of Goniatites called Gastrioceras subcrenatum, on the way a local told us that there was a minor earthquake there a hundred years ago which has exposed lots of bedrock which is still in an unsettled state - hence the name.
The walk down the scree slope was fairly hazardous but also very beautiful with well exposed layers of sandstone and shale. A good search revealed no Goniatites although they must be there somewhere, next time maybe! After returning home had a great meal of scallops with chilled white wine